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October 3, 2013

Happy Birthday to Stefan Woehrmann today ;-)

Thank you, Stefan, for all you do for Deaf children in Germany and for developing Mundbildschrift, Woehrmann's SpeechWriting, that makes it possible to write the mouth movements of speech, which has helped Deaf children learn to speak - it is an amazing contribution to the world…


Stefan started a tradition years ago wishing me a Happy Birthday here on the SignWriting List, posting artistic cards that he designed …sometimes the cards were in SignWriting, sometimes they were animation, and sometimes they were photos taken with his camera … so I started a section on the web to post SignWriting greeting cards:

SignWriting Greeting Cards

Others here on the List started designing cards too and so I posted those designs as well - they are all beautiful and some are from other sign languages, such as Polish and Czech and French Sign Language, just to name a few...

Here is one of Stefan's, taken with his camera - THANK YOU, Stefan, for this beautiful card …

And Happy Birthday to you, and many more!!

Val ;-)


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