On 11/4/13, 8:26 AM, Honza wrote:
> Hi Val, Steve.
> I have a problem finding concrete sign through "search by symbols".
> I am searching for this sign: 
> If I'm searching for signs including this C hanshapes (orientation is 
> not relevant), I don't get this sign in results.
> I get it only if I remove location criteria..
> Can you help me explain how location criteria works?
Hi Honza,

I would be happy to explain.

Searching by location is based on 2 dimensional placement from the 
center of the sign.

For the sign in question, the center of the sign is the center of the head.

The C hand for this sign is far down in the canvas.

To use the Search by Symbol:

The hand shape in question is in the 9 group.

Last column, third one down.

The hand shape is

If we drag this symbol into onto the canvas in the lower location and 
make the hand shape "Match Any"

Now if we search, we find the following signs.

And the sign in question is found.  Third column, second one down.

Alternatively, if we move the C hand shape to the top of the search area 
as the following illustrates...

We will have different search results, only one in fact.

I hope that helps explain search location.




Valerie Sutton
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