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Thanksgiving Day
November 28, 2013

Dear SignWriting List Members -

Thanksgiving Day used to be a uniquely North American holiday, for those who live in Canada and the United States. It celebrates the native American Indians sharing food with the Pilgrims (who were from northern Europe), hundreds of years ago, who had just recently traveled to North America to start a new life Times were hard and the new pioneers were hungry, so when food was shared together it was a peaceful and wonderful day - Then Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving Day a national holiday back in the 1800s here in the USI believe Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October...

Back in the 1970s, when I lived in Denmark, I enjoyed telling everyone about the North American Thanksgiving Holiday.  At that time, most Danes had not heard about the holiday, just as I had not heard of many of the Danish holidays - so it was fun to share our different holidays -

Today is Thanksgiving Day here, and we are having around 16 guests in my home, sitting down to a turkey dinner with pumpkin pie in just a few hours!

But a big gift today was on Facebook - I found this Happy Thanksgiving card from Tunisia!! I had no idea that the rest of the world knew about Thanksgiving Day, especially from Tunisia - I am very grateful for this lovely card, and many thanks to the Tunisian Forum for SignWriting on Facebook -

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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