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Hi Val, Steve.

I have a problem finding concrete sign through "search by symbols".
I am searching for this sign: http://www.signbank.org/SignPuddle1.5/searchword.php?ui=6&sgn=52&sid=2222&sTrm=fobie2&type=any&sTxt=&sSrc=&
If I'm searching for signs including this C hanshapes (orientation is not relevant), I don't get this sign in results.
I get it only if I remove location criteria..

Can you help me explain how location criteria works?
Hi Honza,

I would be happy to explain.

Searching by location is based on 2 dimensional placement from the center of the sign.

For the sign in question, the center of the sign is the center of the head. 

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The C hand for this sign is far down in the canvas.

To use the Search by Symbol:

The hand shape in question is in the 9 group.
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Last column, third one down.

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The hand shape is
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If we drag this symbol into onto the canvas in the lower location and make the hand shape "Match Any"

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Now if we search, we find the following signs.
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And the sign in question is found.  Third column, second one down.

Alternatively, if we move the C hand shape to the top of the search area as the following illustrates...
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We will have different search results, only one in fact.

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I hope that helps explain search location.

-Steve ________________________________________________


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