On 12/13/13, 4:44 PM, Cherie Wren wrote:
> I would suggest that more than one person be involved in 
> approving/rejecting.  It is always good to have a second set of eyes 
> look at something-- so I should not be able to instantly approve my 
> own stuff, but I should also be able to say why I wrote it that way so 
> someone who spells it differently can't instantly reject it...
That's an interesting idea, but it opens a lot of questions.

Maybe a voting style.  Up or down is the easiest.

Sideways for non-standard.

Is this rude in any sign language?

Written in SignWriting, we have three simple choices.

It might be nice to include the facial expression for the 3 voting 
choices.  If anyone is up to a challenge, can you write 3 signs using 
the handshapes above and include the corresponding facial expression?

Any user can vote on any entry and leave a comment.  Every entry will 
show the voting tally if it exists.  If people are comfortable entering 
their writing skill level and language proficiency on their user profile 
page, the voting may show some interesting correlations.

Changing the entry resets the voting, but leaves an audit trail so that 
a user can see the previous versions of the entry and any of the 
corresponding voting.

Ultimately, an editor of the puddle would have to change the status of 
the entry, but depending on the situation, the editor could give it a 
thumbs down and leave a comment without changing the provisional status 
or the editor could move it to an appropriate puddle.

* provisional
* approved
* non-standard
* rejected

Specifically, I'd like to clean up the ASL Dictionary.  I'd like to be 
aggressive with the editing, but I don't want to kill the fun of 
SignPuddle or cause anyone any stress.

I propose to copy the ASL Dictionary to a new puddle named "ASL 
Practice".  Starting in 2014, the ASL Dictionary and ASL Practice would 
be the same. By the end of the 2014, I'm hoping the ASL Dictionary will 
be much improved and I'm hoping that people are writing and interacting 
within the ASL Practice.

By convention, voting would be handled differently for the ASL 
Dictionary and for ASL Practice.

Normal users have full voting privileges, while editors have more 
options.  Instead of down voting a new entry for teacher in the ASL 
Dictionary, an editor could move the new entry to the ASL Practice and 
up vote the entry leaving a nice message "Nice writing.  I moved this to 
practice because the dictionary already had an equivalent sign."

SignPuddle 3 is centered on languages so every sign language can have 
multiple puddles.  Each will have the possibility of a dictionary puddle 
and a practice puddle.  The existing sign language dictionaries will be 
imported and labeled.  Every sign language will start with an empty 
practice puddle.

Thinking out loud,



Valerie Sutton
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