As an ASL teacher who actively uses the ASL Signpuddle dictionary in class,
I'm all for giving students seeking correct ways to sign a concept some
guidance as to what might be approved/accepted signs and spellings of those

With regards to the form of the sign vs. spelling of the sign, would it make
sense to have those who want their writing included as approved/accepted
first have the sign itself vetted as an actual ASL sign, or regional
variation via some type of video and then the spelling itself could be
approved?  There are many online ASL video dictionaries, some created by
individuals, some by institutions or working groups. Sometimes in the past I
have referred to these dictionaries as references when I write a sign. 
Sometimes I will refer to a work of literature on video in ASL when I write
a sign.  References to various sources are used to approve new words added
to spoken-language dictionaries, why not have it be so in the case of sign

I like the idea of using non-threatening language as suggested earlier to
allow students, beginners and those just wanting to play with the inputs to
feel free to enter signs.

non-standard/variation/regional variation

Natasha Escalada-Westland



Valerie Sutton
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