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December 3, 2013

Dear SignWriting List members!
I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend here on the North American continent ;-)

My family and friends had a great time on Thanksgiving Day, with so much food we will have leftovers for a very long time... Wish I could share it with all of our members of the SignWriting List….( smile )

I hope that 2014 will bring us all closer, with the SignWriting Symposium in July 2014 here in La Jolla. But the planning for the Symposium has not really started yet, so that is for the New Year...

For right now, I am posting a message below that was just posted to another public List, called the Sign Language Linguist List (SLLING-L). As you can see below, the message is about sign languages of Nepal and other regions in Asia …I remember that Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway did her Ph.D dissertation on Nepal Sign Language, and used SignWriting to record her data findings - Perhaps others here on the SignWriting List have information about Asian sign languages? It would be wonderful to write more of them...If so, you may want to contact Dr. Mike Morgan…and if any of you have written other Asian sign languages, please tell us about your work - 

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Val ;-)

PS. I am re-constructing our SignWriting Shop shopping cart on the SignWriting web site, page by page, using PayPal buttons - we are so blessed to have PayPal in the world - without them, it would cost our non-profit organization a great deal of money to hire someone to re-design the shopping cart, which went down last month because the old computer that ran the shopping cart was 10 years old, here in my home, and the software was so out-of-date that I have to start from scratch to re-design it - but it is a fun job and I hope to be done in the next day or so - I feel very optimistic about 2014 - so many good things are happening!


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From: "Mike Morgan" <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Re: S Asian Sign Languages
Date: December 3, 2013 at 3:08:46 AM PST
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a group of us sign language researchers, mostly based in Nepal and India, have been asked to write up an article on "Sign Languages in South Asia" for a NEW encyclopedia of deaf studies.

As members of the group focuses on Sign languages of Nepal and India (although among us we also have soem experience with a couple other neighboruing sign languages), we are interested in collecting basic information on Sign Languages of the other South Asian countries (in order that the article can have a bit of "balance" ... and to balance decades of misleading info regarding the relation between sign languages of the region (e.g. Nepali Sign Language is clearly NOT closely related to IPSL).

We already have info from researchers on SL of the Maldives, and have some materials as well (varying qauntity and quality) on sign languages in Pakistan (esp Karachi) and Sri lanka... but can always do with corroborating (or opposing) info.

Also, we have enough info on the various so-called "village sign languages" of the subcontinent.

Anyone with first-hand linguistically informed knowledge of any of the remaining sign languages (especially: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan),

as the word limit for the article is quite low (1,000 words), the following basic info is mostly what is required:
1) what is the name of the sign lanuage (in local language(s)
2) how standardized is the sign language
3) how different is it (lexically, and/or grammatically) from neighbouring sign languages, and from British Sign Language and/or American Sign Language
4) is there a dictionary for the sign language, and if so, how many lexical items are in the dictionary
5) what research (if any) is there in/on the sign language
6) what finger spelling system(s) is/are generally used within the Deaf community?

thanks to all for any help you can provide

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           (( Michael W Morgan, PhD ))
   (new position to be announced shortly!)
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