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January 20, 2014

Dear SW List Members -
The software that runs the SignWriting List is ListServe software, located at Valencia College in Florida. I am only the manager of the List. I tried to setup the List to be able to accept large attached files, and generally it has worked well, but in January the ListServe software got overwhelmed with too many large attached files to messages on the SignWriting List. The ListServe software asked for my assistance to clean it up on January 9th, and I worked at that, and I thought I had solved the problem, but yesterday Maria wrote to me privately to inform me that she had been trying to post to the List but her messages were not posting. I then wrote to the List and my messages did not post either.

Then all of a sudden the entire Archives went down, and I wrote to some technicians at Valencia College. I also deleted one large Avatar file that had been posted multiple times…The Avatar file was too large for the ListServe software to handle apparently… so I suggest, if you have very large files, either post them on your own server or perhaps on Youtube and send us the link to see the video, or send me the files privately and I can post them on our SignWriting YouTube site or on our server… we can find a way to share without overwhelming the ListServe -

So please attach attachments that are under 10 megabytes - Many thanks!

And bravo to all of your interesting work with the Avatar and with PPT - I could not see it move yet, but send it to me privately and I can post it in a good place where we can link to it -

I am trying to do the bookkeeping and accounting and tax preparation for the year 2013 right now. Non-profit organizations in the US have certain deadlines for this paperwork and one of the deadlines is January 31 - eeekkk - smile ;-))

Val ;-)



Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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