On 1/30/14, 9:21 PM, André L wrote:
> Hello Stephen,
> I have been a professional software tester for the last 12 years.  
> Maybe I can help testing SignPuddle.  I am familiar with LSQ (Quebec 
> Sign Language), English, French, Spanish and a little Arabic.  I know 
> enough about SignWriting to see when there is a problem.

Hi André Lemyre,

I would appreciate the help.  I will send information to the SignWriting 
List as it becomes available.  Below is what I have so far.

Some documentation for SignPuddle 3.0 development is online.

While there is not much to test yet, I have a development snap-shot 
available online.


PS - If you are technically minded, I am developing an API guide that 
allows access to the SignPuddle data directly using HTTP and JSON.

Here's an example:


API call to retrieve all continents.

This method would be accessible over API
with 'www-command=continents-all' call.

*Output keys*

  * [meta] information about the API call
  * [results] array of continents with attributes
  * [www-message] message if error
  * [www-response-code] response code if error

*Response codes*

  * [4xx] Error

Here's the actual API call:



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