Hi I'm pasting a message I sent last week - as it might not have gone through to the List....

Hi everyone,
I just went through the whole list of Puddles today, because I thought it would be best to update some statistics I will be including in my work. The last time I had looked into the Puddles was almost a year and a half ago!
It was interesting to see which Puddles have grown since then.. :))

1) There are only two Puddles that since then have grown smaller.. (I'm thinking that maybe some sort of 'cleaning' was carried out by the editors?)  These two Puddles are Norway and Sweden.
Sweden had 19 dictionary entries and now there are 16 and Norway had 8,285 and now there are 7,723 dictionary entries. any known reason for this?

(question 2 - I resent in another email and will resend it after this..thanks) 

Thank you for your help!!



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