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I could use that as an abstract and samples from the current dictionary I am working on, as many more hand shapes from that small beginning are being used now. Many more people are involved and the process may be easier to do if one has the right assumptions. I use the search by hand shape function now, but it is unclear to me, and perhaps it can be used as an example, that unless one spells out every sign in the dictionary, the search function doesn't work consistently. 
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March 1, 2014

Charles -
You have already written a journal article about your dictionary. Maybe you can use that document as a basis for your presentation to the SignWriting Symposium?

In 1999, Dr. Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa started an academic journal entitled “The SignWriting Journal”. Charles’ article was published in that journal. The article is posted on the web on this web page:

SignWriting in Brazil

Scroll down to number 35



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