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March 6, 2014

Hello SignWriting List!
Below is a message I received from a publishing group with three Journals that might be of interest, in their “Arts, Literature and Linguistics” category:

Journals in Arts, Literature and Linguistics

Perhaps articles about your research or literature-writing in SignWriting could be published…?

They publish three journals in this category: 

The International Journal of Language and Linguistics
The International Journal of Literature and Arts
The Journal of Literature

We are close to writing the entire New Testament in ASL - Nancy Romero is now writing Revelation, and when that is complete, then all books of the New Testament have been completed in the ASL Romero Translation, based on the NLT. Ron Dettloff and his team have also been doing ASL video transcription of the DeafMission ASL translations, so just the ASL Bible documents alone constitute 1000s of written ASL pages, not to speak of all of the writings from other countries, and the encyclopedia articles coming in the Wikipedias - so the documentation in journals about the written sign language literature that is now available to the public is an important topic - in the past people have said "there is nothing to read", and that is changing - I predict in the next few years we will have more reading materials, both sectarian and non-sectarian … if someone would like to publish an article about this topic, for researchers to ponder, that would be a great beginning -

The publishers mention below other journals too, on software development and so forth, so it is not just literature...

Val ;-)
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Begin forwarded message:

From: SciencePG <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: SciencePG: Fast Publication
Date: March 1, 2014 at 2:15:34 PM PST
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Dear Professor,

Science Publishing Group is an independent international publisher of 100+ open access, online, peer-reviewed journals which have almost 10 proposed special issues and 10 going-to-be-published books, covering a wide range of academic disciplines.

Nowadays, we are actively providing a fast publication:
1. Authors can get the review result that whether the paper can be published or not within 15 days;
2. Accepted papers can be published within 25 days.

SciencePG publish papers in a wide range of categories, such as: Biology and Life Sciences, Physics; Chemistry & Materials; Computer Science & Communications; Mathematics & Statistics; Medicine, Health & Food Science; Energy & Environmental Science and all other categories. You can pay visit to our website to have a look: [log in to unmask]" target="_blank">

If you are interested in publishing your papers within a short time, we sincerely invite you to submit your papers through our system: [log in to unmask]" target="_blank">

Any questions, please feel free to contact us by: [log in to unmask]



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