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March 11, 2014

Dear SW Listers!
I received a question this morning - 

Are there limits to the amount of presentations one can present at the SW Symposium?

No limits! You are welcome to present as many presentations as you wish…

I have added this information to the description below, and on the web:

SignWriting Symposium 2014
LIVE ONLINE JULY 21-24, 2014
CALL FOR PAPERS: Abstract due April 7, 2014


Abstract submission deadline: April 7, 2014
Presentation submission deadline: July 7, 2014
Online live presentation: July 21-24, 2014
Proceedings published in a web archive: September, 2014
Proceedings published in a PDF book: October, 2014

There are no limits to the amount of presentations one author can submit. Feel free to submit as many as you wish.


1. Abstract deadline: April 7, 2014.

2. Write an abstract that describes your presentation in one page or less. At the top of your abstract, state which of the following categories fits your submission:

• SignWriting in Education
• SignWriting in Literature
• SignWriting in Software
• SignWriting in Research

Longer abstracts will also be accepted, but editors will shorten it to make it fit one page. Abstracts will be posted on a SWS-2014 web page, which is still under construction. Abstracts will be posted under one of the above categories. If you feel your presentation does not fit any of these categories, please tell us in an email and we will try to decide together what to do…

3. Send your Abstract to both these email addresses:

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4. Acceptance notices will be sent shortly after your Abstract is received.


1. Presentations deadline: July 7, 2014

2. Your presentation can be ANY length you choose, just as long as it is about SignWriting.

3. There are three Presentation Venues: written papers, slide presentations and video presentations.

a. Written Papers accepted in the following formats:
• .pdf
• .doc
• .docx
• .txt
• .rtf
• .rtfd

b. Slide Presentations accepted in the following programs:
• PowerPoint
• Keynote
• GoAnimate
• Google Docs
• SlideRocket

c. Video Presentations accepted in the following formats:
• .mov
• .avi
• .wmv
• Flash
• WebM
• MPEG-4

Software demonstrations through download links can also accompany any of the above three venues.

You can present in one, two or all of the above three venues.

You are also welcome to join us live on the Symposium dates: July 21-24, 2014, on the web, but you are not required to present live online. We will provide a schedule of online events, and information on how to use the software to present online, if you wish, but your written paper, slide presentation or video presentation can also represent your work, with or without your live participation.

Before the presentation deadline, we will announce how to post your presentations on the web directly.

The purpose of the SignWriting Symposium Online is to bring people together and to share our SignWriting work publicly, not only during the Live Presentation dates of July 21-24, 2014, but also in a Symposium Web Archive that will remain on the web for future generations.

We look forward to reading and viewing your work with SignWriting, and to possibly meet you in July, online or in person...


Valerie Sutton
SWS-2014 Chair

Steve Slevinski
SWS-2014 Chair

Adam Frost
SWS-2014 Chair

Nancy Romero
SWS-2014 Chair

SignWriting Symposium Submissions:
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