I would like to inform you that on Mother's Day, on 25th March 2014 at 7:00
pm (local Slovenian time), Slovenian Pastoral Service for Deaf and  Hard of
Hearing organizes in Ljubljana a cultural evening in which for the first
time in Slovenian history  SignWriting (Slovenian: Znakopis) will be
presented. The presentation will be led by me in our center in Ljubljana in
Power Point program. Deaf and hard of hearing people, relatives and
responsible individuals who are professionally engaged with the deaf and
hard of hearing: teachers, educators and interpreters of Slovenian Sign
Language (SZJ-slovenski znakovni jezik) will be invited to this event. At
this occasion, a manual A Cross-Linguistic Guide to SignWriting (author:
Stephen and Diane Parkhurst) in Slovenian language  will be availabe to the
audience (Slovenian name for this manual: Lingvistični vodnik po
znakopisu/gibopisu). On this occasion  we would like to contact with
inventor of SignWriting mrs. Valerie Sutton either by video or Skype live.
Mrs. Valerie, is it possible?

In attach I send you the last version of Slovenian manual (with some change
in slovenian SW signs) and a front page of our manual.

Thank you for your support and best regards from Slovenia!

Edi Strouhal




Valerie Sutton
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