I look forward to your presentation in the SWS-2014 -

Val ;-)


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It is also why as a Brazilian editor, I am compelled to go in and change every last one of the dictionary listings that have NO sign spelling because the writers in Brazil have not been taught to spell. 

I am working on a dictionary ordered by handshape, movement, etc., and it has been well received in Brazil, but so far, when it comes down to actually teaching SignWriting, the most they will actually do is divide it by Group, anything more seems to be beyond the research. Trying to publish a dictionary that actually tries to order signs for finding an "unknown" sign in a dictionary does not seem to be ever used. 

Heaven forfend a hearing person who sees a sign and has no clue what it means and has no way to look it up by handshape because the dictionary writers ALL start with the Portuguese, not the SignWriting. 

The Sequence is never even mentioned in the books that I have found published in Brazil. I'm trying to show its usefulness by an actual dictionary available from a publisher. 
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March 2, 2014

Hi Charles -
Yes, that is right. SignPuddle software is designed so that only those signs that have a completed SignSpelling Sequence column will sort as you wish them to…Writers create a SignSpelling Sequence for each sign individually…this way you can get the Sequence you want…and you can change the Sequence you chose, if you feel it is not what you want later… To create a SignSpelling Sequence for a sign, you need to be logged into SignPuddle with your password. Click on the SignSpelling button under the sign -

Signs that do not have a SignSpelling designated for it, are sorted “the best a computer can without knowing what the writer wants”, and that is not good enough…that is why we designed the SignSpelling feature, so that dictionary creators could make it work the way they need…I love the flexibility and the ease-of-use of the SignSpelling feature -



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