On 4/4/14, 9:07 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> "simple copy and paste"  .. How? --if I just want to copy and paste 
> only the word list.
> This is what I am doing:
> Step one: I ask for the wordlist ( in this case all entries starting 
> with a lower "a")   voila ... no problem ..great!

Step two: Move the cursor between the search box and the word list table.

Step three: Press and hold the mouse button and drag the cursor to the 
bottom of the word list.  Then release the mouse button.

Step four: Use the menu option Edit >> Copy.

Step five: When you paste the text, you have 2 options.  The first is a 
regular paste.  Edit >> Paste.  This type of paste will keep the word 
list in the structured table.  The second is a special paste.  Edit >> 
Paste special.  Then choose the unformatted text option.  This type of 
paste will remove the table and only keep the plain text word list.




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