Please note, all of you, although I love working in sign language education, due to the laws of the following countries, I cannot travel there for fear of my life. As an openly Gay man married to a transgender woman I violate several secular and sacred sets of laws. Upon setting foot in Ethiopia or Saudi Arabia, I am subject to their laws. In Saudi Arabia, unless I were a soldier or diplomat, I would be in danger of my life.

Saudi Arabia - The required exit and entry visa paperwork does not ask people about their sexual orientation, as it does their nationality, sex, religion and marital status. No same-sex marriage, domestic partnership or civil union has any legal standing in the nation and may be used as evidence to initiate criminal proceedings. So, my wife can never travel with me. If you want me to teach, it better be by Skype.

Ethiopia - I have helped - at a distance - in working through the Sign Language for Everyday Use with Ethioipian sign language equivalents.

This just about covers it, the "homosexual agenda" is to live my life free of oppression and allow me to love, live with my wife, and form a family.

I hate to point this out, but I have open invitations to come to both Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia to teach, and this will prevent me from accepting those invitations. My wife could never travel with me.

That's the truth of it, knowledge is being oppressed by prejudice.
Charles Butler
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