Liebe Stefan - how great to hear this update! I hope I will get the chance to come again and see all the progress you and the students have mad. In any case, I look forward to hearing about it in your presentation.
And I also appreciated the chance to try to read your message in German - good practice for my poor German skills! 

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June 28, 2014

Thank you, Stefan and Erika, for your work…

Google translate is hardly good enough, but…it is the best tool we have right now (at least the one that I know of) for giving us a fast first-draft translation from one spoken language to another…

So for those who are curious about what  is being discussed below, here is the English translation of Stefan’s message in Google Translate:


Google translate of Stefan’s message in German:

Dear Erika, 
I have taken the time to read again in peace your article on the use of mouth images in sign writing and oral picture writing this morning. 
by Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway
Oberlin College
The background is that I for the symposium must now indeed gradually finish my presentations. 
What inspired me the most ... wow .. what a difference .. What you describe in your article ... and what I should watch today? 
The boy you there at the computer with a "yellow car" describe ... it is unbelievable what this child (and of course all the other students also) have learned in the meantime. I have guessed it already from the beginning. - Smile - only now I realize how mistaken great tool, method and our common work. You'd be surprised to see with what ease, speed and naturalness to use all of the children in this class Delegs program and how impressive turn out the results of the articulation course. 
The Delegs - Editor is still being developed and adapted to be recognizable in educational practice challenges. Bin our software development team so grateful for what they do there. Just hard to believe that you can do as a user notes, notices, requests, suggestions for improvement, which are then taken up by these experts and see the development of this fantastic software reflected. 
As part of the expansion of the sound language skills and deeper understanding of the differences between sign language and spoken language, I can now even have been many phrases simply dictate in DGS (behave) The children write in flawless German the correct dictation in spoken language. Is not that great? Me even more excited that these students now have a sense that they have understood the message perfectly behaved, but are not sure how the same idea is expressed in writing: präszise spelling, proper grammar, ... Now come spontaneously (! !) questions exactly this: What is the word for the gesture? How do you spell that? Can you say so? ... 
The Delegs editor we are now also increasingly in English class one - then we conjure the same time with three languages. DGS (in sign signature line) - German (in the search word line) - English (in the free text line) .. I'm going to approach this in my presentation to offer examples. 
Want you just like to thank you very much that you made for yourselves the trouble to examine this teaching method and the implemented methodological approaches and describe in as much detail. With increasing size of the dictionary the Delegs program is a tool that can be a great learning aid on the way to acquire the respective phonetic language of the country for all deaf children in the world safely. I wonder if in the course of the spread of this insight, which will then also increasingly found of me developed mouth pictures in sign writing in other SignPuddle dictionaries. 
Warmest Greetings from Osnabrück 


On Jun 28, 2014, at 1:13 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Liebe Erika,
heute Morgen habe ich mir die Zeit genommen und noch einmal in aller Ruhe deinen Artikel zum Einsatz der Mundbilder in der GebärdenSchrift und zur Mundbildschrift gelesen.
by Erika Hoffmann-Dilloway
Oberlin College
Hintergrund ist, dass ich meine Präsentationen für das Symposium  nun ja allmählich fertigstellen muss.
Was mich am allermeisten begeisterte ... wow ..was für ein Unterschied  ..Was beschreibst du in deinem Artikel ... und was darf ich heute beobachten?
Der Junge, den du da am Computer mit „Auto gelb“   beschreibst ... es ist nicht zu fassen, was dieses Kind ( und natürlich alle anderen Schüler auch) in der Zwischenzeit gelernt haben. Geahnt habe ich es ja schon von Anfang an. – smile -  Erst jetzt begreife ich, wie irre toll das Werkzeug, die Methode und unsere gemeinsame Arbeit ist. Du würdest dich wundern zu erleben, mit welcher Leichtigkeit, Geschwindigkeit und Selbstverständlichkeit alle Kinder in dieser Klasse das delegs-Programm nutzen und wie beeindruckend die Ergebnisse des Artikulationslehrgangs ausfallen.
Der delegs – Editor wird noch immer weiterentwickelt und an den sich in der pädagogischen Praxis erkennbaren Herausforderungen angepasst. Bin unserem Software-Entwicklerteam so unendlich dankbar für das, was sie da leisten. Einfach kaum zu glauben, dass man als Nutzer Anmerkungen, Hinweise, Wünsche, Verbesserungsvorschläge machen kann, die dann von diesen Experten aufgegriffen werden u


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