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    I enjoyed your symposium “Ordering Signs in Dictionaries” http://www.signwriting.org/symposium/presentation0010.html
I was wondering if Steve and Val had been able to find you a solution.  Val mentioned that she thought that Steve would have an easy way for you to do your sorting.

There are 2 different issues involved here: the sorting mechanics and the sorting theory.

Sorting Mechanics
The mechanics are simple.  A linear ordered sequence of symbols can be assigned to any sign.  The symbols automatically sort according to the ISWA 2010 default order using a binary string comparison.  In our programs we can use > greater than or < less than comparisons.  From a database, we can use a simple "order by" clause.

For each symbol, there are 2 kinds of mechanical sorting.  The major sorting between symbols and the minor sorting within symbol bases.

For the major sorting between symbols, the list below is sorted by the default ISWA 2010 order.  Order other than this are possible, but require an additional step of creating a custom ordering of the symbols.  Only the default ISWA 2010 order has been implemented.  Unicode has a way to reorder the major sorting issues involving special weights for each symbol base.

For the minor sorting within the symbols, the default order starts with Fill 1 and Rotation 1.  Next is Fill 1 with Rotation 2, then the rest of the rotations for Fill 1.  After that are the symbols with Fill 2.  Only the default ISWA 2010 order has been implemented.  This may be an issue when the default ISWA 2010 order is not the desired order.  Unicode may possibly have a way to reorder the minor sorting, but I'm not sure.

Sorting Theory
For sorting, the linear ordered list of symbols can be created using any writing symbols and any detailed location symbols.

Creating the special sorting requires crafting a special sequence.

If I understood Charles correctly, he would want to use Head Rims.

Head Rims have a default sort order of the following...

So the first symbol in the ordered sequence would be the dominant hand shape.  The next would be the appropriate Head Rim.  The third symbol would be the non-dominant hand.



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