Hi Claudia,

I really enjoyed your presentation. Thanks for taking part in the 
symposium 2014.

On 8/3/14, 4:35 AM, Claudia S. Bianchini wrote:
> I also think that it will be a great idea, before the next symposium, 
> to speak about the "accademics needs"
> for exemple, we need a "book of abstract" or a "book of papers" with a 
> ISBN (even if it is only an ebook distribute for free....

That is a great idea. I think we should do it for this year 2014. We 
have all of the abstracts.  We definitely need a free ebook. Maybe we 
could use the printed book as a fundraiser, with different price levels.

For next year, if the presenters get the abstracts in before the 
deadline, we could have the "Book of Abstracts" printed before the 
conference and available for free online or for purchase.




Valerie Sutton
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