On 8/14/14, 8:57 PM, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> I still don't see a way to sort on symbols that don't exist in the 
> ISWA2010 like the one used in LIBRAS for dinosaur until we add them to 
> the symbols set because they don't exist yet.  This would be for a 
> future version of the symbol set.

Hi Jonathan,

For constructed hand shapes, choose a hand shape from the ISWA 2010 that 
is close to where you would like constructed hand shape to sort.  Use 
this chosen hand shape in the SignSpelling Sequence. It would be best if 
the hand shape wasn't used in the target language.

A group would need to agree and it wouldn't be perfect, but it would 
allow for sorting to a certain degree.




Valerie Sutton
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