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August 1, 2014

Dear SignWriting List -

Our non-profit organization here in the US generally runs on a shoestring…in other words…very little money …we just manage from month to month and year to year and we are still here 40 years later!

So we plan to stay around another 40 years at least - so no worries ;-)

But at least for me, it is more fun to write sign language than to write grants - I am sure you all agree?

That does not mean I have not done my share of grant writing - I have. And we have hired grant writers before too…but generally we have survived on small donations from family, friends, and local small grants…

Well, maybe the SignWriting Symposium can help us raise funds. Because with more funding we can reach more people and do more cool projects! ;-)

Right now we need funding to pay for captioning 32 hours of video, and probably create some smaller videos from the larger ones - so that each presentation has its own individual video which will be placed on your Presentation web pages…

If you know of anyone interested in helping, please tell them about this web page:

Donate to SignWriting Symposium

I am still creating the materials to explain why the funding is needed, but I think anyone can figure out that 32 hours of video is a lot of video, and captioning it will take a team of people -

For those who have already created your transcripts of your own presentations - thank you! Your donation of time is much appreciated -

Val ;-)



Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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