On 8/23/14, 3:34 AM, Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> I just tried to have a close look at the ISWA.TT Font
> Well the problem is, that the Fontographer programm can not handle that many glyphes within one file ...
> Do you know whether there are other ISWA.TTF which include only parts of the whole ISWA

Hi Stefan,

Unfortunately, I do not have any smaller fonts with fewer glyphs. The 
created font is 16-bit I believe, which requires special support to use.

The font file is difficult to create and Eduardo is the only one that 
has ever done it.  The source code is available, but it is complicated.

In additions to being very large, it's possible the font has errors that 
may prevent loading as well.




Valerie Sutton
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