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August 3, 2014

Thank you, André, for this message about raising money through receiving ads … I believe that taking in ads is a practical solution just as long as they are approved by Google (this is necessary I have learned the hard way), since we are advertising on the internet, and just as long as they are not hard on our viewer’s eyes - it can be very distracting to be watching a broadcast and having ads flashing near the viewing screen or other instances where ads are intrusive - so I will definitely work at that -

It is great that you have training in advertising - In our case, we are on the internet, so usually our advertisers are on the internet too…and mostly they ask to place simple text link ads on the front of

Our organization has actually been partially supported by ads on the internet until recently, when Google changed their rules on how their directories worked with ads…they have a complex system and we must follow their rules since Google is playing a big role in our SignWriting Symposium.

I think it is astonishing that Google Hangouts did not charge us any money for using their broadcasting software…The only costs our SW Symposium has, it appears, is the cost of paying our staff, including web designers, interpreters, translators, captioners, transcriptionists, IT Tech support, and video editors. They all worked, and are working, so hard… but the actual “facilities for broadcasting” were free…

And  it is wonderful that those who are affiliated with academic institutions, such as colleges and universities, can possibly get reimbursed by their institution, for any Symposium fees. I have now received three payments from presenters with an academic affiliation - thank you!

Val ;-)


On Aug 2, 2014, at 12:56 PM, André L <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

We should look for an event sponsorship.
I believe that insurance companies, cochlear implant,  hearign aid and batteries companies would be interested in paid sponsorship publicity.  Manufacturer of deaf material would be interested (alarm system, alarm clock).  Closed-cationing companies for TV also have an interest.  Telecom companies also have interest  (phone companies that provide translation service for Deafs).  It would take some thinking on how much you would charge them.  Not too cheap and beeing caught with low value image.
I had a training 15 years ago on this.  I do not know the real values of this.  It went like: 1000$ for a mention, 2000$ for a web link, 5000$ for a big logo...  Then you gather them all, the small and the big ones.  Some will want monopole in their own area, this is more expensive.
The idea was to prove them that their target clients will see the add.
Workers unions can have money.  It may be possible to target those that hire deaf people, like heavy noise printing industries.
André Lemyre



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