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August 16, 2014

Hello Andre´-
The alternatives you mention below are fine, and we will still be able to have both alternatives and the SignWriting Symposium Live Online too. One format is not necessarily better than another or a finality of anything. I am just happy to provide the world with the SignWriting Symposium format because I think it has potential, and I personally enjoy the project. I also want to provide conferences of SignWriting users, and conferences in person, in a hotel or a university, are complicated and expensive, but the online live conference or symposium is free and it brought together so many wonderful academics and professionals and signwriters around the world in a way that a conference in my local area could never do…so the Symposium gives us a live meeting place, and with the proper attention to detail I think the next one will be technologically improved at least ;-)

One format does not have to replace the other, so please go forward with your new ideas - I am interested.

And the software development does not take my time or your time - it will be others who will dedicate their time to the new SignWriting Symposium App - and it will not be our software developers who work on SignWriting software - so really it is not a hindrance - it will be a help in the long run. And it might inspire some software developer students - you never know - I even have a possibility to have it developed as a gift from another country - I will also talk with people at Google to see if they can help us -

And your presentation at the SignWriting Symposium was one of the smoothest:

You can view it on your web page:

Presentation 20 SignAnimating

The captioning will come in time ;-)

Thank you for presenting at the 2014 Symposium, André -

Val ;-)


On Aug 16, 2014, at 12:58 PM, André L <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

My main interest is to have access to as much projects, papers, software and material as possible.  I see the symposium as a mean to develop momentum, not as a finality.  We could have continuous sharing of material with or without the symposium.
I think that pre-recorded video presentations are simpler.  Each individual turns on the camera and records with Windows movie maker and then submits the video to a pre-determined address.  The text is also prepared in advance.  Because the video is not interactive, the text is accurate.  It is simpler to translate because it is already written and pre-determined.
There could be a discussion added after the display of the video.
It would be like people having a vlog on youtube.  In a shared account, several people could contribute.  
A permanent drop box account would receive documents throughout the year.  Such documents would be reviewed and moved to a read only dopbox available to all throughout the year.   This would be simpler than updating web pages.
The dropbox could have several folders: draft, submitted, approved, translated...  each divides in categories.
I am concerned that if software developer focus on the symposium tool; it may delay other signwriting projects.  it depends on how big this project is...
André Lemyre

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