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August 18, 2014

Here is a picture of some of the features of SignBank, which requires that the signs are written in another program like SignPuddle or SignWriter Studio, and then imported into the SignBank database, that is designed inside FileMaker database software.

Through developing SignBank, and working with so many great people, we learned that it really is necessary to have two sections to the process of sorting dictionaries:

1. Each sign needs a SignSpelling Sequence established by the writer

2. Then the SignSpelling Sequences are sorted by the “alphabetical order” of the symbols of the ISWA 2010…

Without those two processes, we cannot get a dictionary sorted by Sign Symbols that really works for users -

Of course both SignPuddle and SignWriter Studio, and other programs too, can do this without our old SignBank database, but SignBank is also a cool little program and could be updated and completed and be a valuable tool for teachers - 

So I learned a lot from SignBank, trying to create PDFs of dictionaries sorted by Sign Symbols - I was surprised at the results of some choices - more soon -

Val ;-)


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