Hi Yair Rand and List,

The ASL Wikipedia main page looks amazing in Chrome.  It uses the 
Vertical Writing Mode to display the content.  For Vertical Writing 
Mode, the page scrolls to the right, rather than down.

The sign text is written in vertical columns.  Each column ends at the 
bottom of the visible page and a new column appears to the right.  Text 
that does not fit in one column will flow into the next.

If you resize the browser window on the ASL Wikipedia main page, you can 
watch the text reflow between the columns.  When resizing the window, 
notice that punctuation never starts a column.  Very nice touch Yair Rand.

The images are SVG created by an image server.  The pages load very 
quickly.  Every sign image is cached in your local browser. Click on a 
few links and then go backwards in the browser history.  Notice that the 
pages load instantly.

Zooming in on the page will also reflow the text.  If you think the 
signs are too small, resize the text.  On Mac, [Command]+ will zoom a page.

There is a lot of technical infrastructure that makes the ASL Wikipedia 
work within the Wikimedia movement.  For my presentation 31 at the 
Symposium, I have slides (5-7) about Wikimedia, Wikimedia Labs, and 
Wikimedia Incubator.

If you would like to see a demo of Wikimedia Incubator, watch the 
SignWriting Symposium 2014, Day 4 starting at 50:25.

Any person, for any sign language is invited to join Incubator. The 
SignWriting project on Incubator is still young and there are a lot of 
technical requirements, but we need help from every type of person.  Dig 
into the movement, see what you can learn, and see what you can contribute.

Thanks Yair Rand for the help on Incubator.  Good luck with the 
keyboarding.  I hope to give you feedback soon.




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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