On 9/4/14, 9:47 AM, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite"> On the page there is a link to http://manufacturaindependente.com/colorfont/ and http://manufacturaindependente.com/colorfont/workshop-lgm2012.html which might be quite useful for us too and works in other browsers beside FireFox.  We would need to implement a colorfont to work with the javascript.

Colorfont.js is an interesting idea.  We could possibly use it with Eduardo's work.  We could release one font for the line and another font for the fill (overlay).

If we are using SVG Glyphs, I do not believe we will need Colorfont.  I have created a special section on the ISWA 2010 font reference for the SVG Glyphs work that is based on the future Unicode 8 specification to be released next year. 

See the Unicode 8 section of the ISWA 2010 Font Reference page.

I've put together a SignWriting Font Test Page that lists the SVG, Eduardo's smart font, and the Unicode 8 specification.

In a simple data file, each SVG glyph is named with a Unicode string of 1 to 3 characters and appears on its own line in the text file.  It should be easy to process.  The SVG Glyphs font would be usable in Firefox.  The SVG Glyphs may be useful in other browsers in the future.
http://signpuddle.net/iswa/iswa_unicode.zip (1.1 MB)

Once we have an OpenType Font for the Unicode 8 specification, we can use the previously listed SignWriting Font Test Page to verify the font.

Interesting to note that Incubator uses Vertical Writing Mode which is not yet supported in Firefox.  So the SVG Glyphs project may not be useful for the Incubator project.




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