Hi SignWriting List,

I've been busy working with the ISWA 2010 Font Reference. I just 
released version 1.10.

It is a vast collection of ISWA 2010 data available in a variety of 
formats such as PNG, PBM, SVG, TXT, and TTF.

I'm happy to announce the availability of 150 MB of new compressed and 
refined SVG files for the ISWA 1010. There are 37,811 line glyphs and 
25,429 fill glyphs, available in 4 styles: as Unified SVG (2 color), as 
Line SVG, as Fill SVG (white), and as Fill SVG (black). Every style has 
either 37,811 glyphs because it includes the line or it has 25,429 
glyphs because it is fill only. The individual SVG files are named after 
the symbol key and available in one of 12 different zipped directories.

This is prep work for the new TrueType outline conversion. I should be 
able to create 2-color fonts in a variety of formats that can be 
downloaded and installed, or streamed over the internet for viewing 
without installation. People who install the font locally will decrease 
their internet traffic by 96%. Instead of a page size of 1.1 MB of 
streamed SVGs or TTFs, the page will include 36 KB of FSW text.

Once the new font files are loaded with the TrueType outlines, I will 
need to map those glyphs onto a set of characters. Using Open Type 
features, I have put together 3 more text files, each is over 1 MB. The 
feature files map a set of strings onto the glyphs in the font. Each 
file contains a different set of target strings. There is one for FSW 
symbol keys, another for Unicode 8, and a final set for Unicode PUA. 
Regardless of our character set choice, we should be able to utilize a 
client side font and reduce our network traffic by 96%.

All of these files are available on the ISWA 2010 Font Reference in the 
Symbol Font Development section.

I am hoping to have the new font files available soon. I am making 
progress with FontForge and python scripting. I will keep you posted.




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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