Hello Steve,
I would like to know if this font can be used in Microsoft word or pdf files.
I like the matrix example.
André Lemyre

Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 17:29:28 -0500
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Subject: Take the red pill with the SignWriting 2010 font
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Hi list,

I had a great week with the font development.  Almost everything is spot on perfect.  I was able to perfect the symbol sizing function: it is small, fast, and 100% accurate.  I'm very excited.

I should be finished with the main font file development next week. 

I was playing around with some demonstration code that others have written.  I modified their code to use the SignWriting 2010 font.  All of the graphics in these demonstrations are generated on your local computer and do not require a internet connection to an image server.

You'll need the SignWriting 2010 Font installed to see the demonstrations.  I put together a page that checks if the font is installed and provides the links for the fonts.

Here's the first demo with the raining hand shapes.

Full screen:

Link with visible code:

It only took a few minutes to modify the code, so I found another example and modified that as well.  It's a little more frantic, but it demonstrates the power of the font.

Full screen:

Link with visible code:



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