Hi SignWriting list,

SignWriting 2010 is the modern implementation and international specification of the SignWriting script for the internet community that includes TrueType Fonts and a compact JavaScript library.

For the last few weeks, I've been working hard on the TrueType fonts and the JavaScript library.  I've had some tremendous success.

These are the building blocks that I will be using to build the next generation of SignWriting editors.  I am hoping that other developers find them useful.

The SignWriting 2010 Fonts
I have released new and improved versions of the 2 fonts for SignWriting 2010.  The fonts are easy to install on Windows, Linux, and Mac.  For iOS, a configuration profile is available for installing the fonts.  Android is not officially supported yet, but should be in the future.

The SignWriting 2010 JavaScript Library
I've released the first version of the SignWriting 2010 JavaScript Library, available under the MIT License.

You can view the project page here.

The JavaScript library leverages the TrueType fonts without any additional requirements. Include the "sw10.js" script or the minified version "sw10.min.js" in any HTML page to access the function library. The minified version is only 12 KB and offers a nice variety of functionality for symbols, signs, and queries. I've included a Guide, API Documentation, and Testing suites.

One particularly interesting aspect of the project is that every SignWriting symbol has an individual width and height.  I'm happy to report that the JavaScript library is reporting the correct size for every symbol on every platform that I tested including Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS. I testing Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  To properly size all 37,811 symbols, the test takes 40 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on platform/browser combination.



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