if we could have a software that translate hand written SignWriting performed with a stylus on a touch tablet into an almost perfect SignWriten text, that would be a very fast way to generate documents that need little corrections.
Such project already exists, it reads printed documents.  With a stylus, the input would be pure and could be displayed real time.
It could be combined with existing editing software.  This could also be applied with I-pad using fingers, touch screens...
Fast, simple, natural, and performant for children or extensive usage.  We could write books...
See below previous mails...
André Lemyre
SignWriting in Education
“Ways to Write Sign Languages by Hand with SignWriting”
by  Adam Frost
What is Optical Glyph Recognition (OGR)?þ

On Oct 29, 2013, at 9:13 AM, Fabrizio Borgia <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear All,
I'd like to take a moment to explain the work of my team (Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, Computer Science Department - "Sapienza" University of Rome) in the latest few years.
We are working at a Optical Glyph Recogition (OGR) engine for SignWriting.
Well, OGR sounds very much like OCR (which is Optical Character Recognition) because they both share the same goal: the conversion of images of text into characters. In the OGR case, the characters are the glyphs.
Apart from the goal, OGR and OCR have very little in common. The design and the implementation of our application is somewhat different from the standard OCR design, because we are facing different problems, and different datasets.

We know that there's a huge amount of handwritten SW corpora, scattered around the world, and we believe that they carry an invaluable knowledge, both for the Deaf Community, and for the Research Community. Our goal is to make them digital, to empower their diffusion, and to ensure a long-lasting existence for them.

After a very, very thorough design phase, we are developing the OGR application (and, in confidence, we are about halfway to go) and soon we will release a footage showing our software in action.
To make our OGR stronger, we need to test it with diffrent datasets (SW texts, pages, etc.) we need your help, dear SW list!

We need any kind of handwritten SW texts, in any digital image format.
Optionally, we'd like them to be:
•written in columns
•whithout any segmentation (annotation lines, squares, etc.) from one sign to the following one

Anyone can send us some material (even spare pages will DEFINITLEY do) or point us in the right direction?
 Thanks in advance for your time, from Rome!
Fabrizio Borgia, M.D.

Ph.D. Student
Sapienza - Università di Roma  
Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier

O&M SW Engineering Intern

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Hi List,
 I have seen that over the years the request for a keyboarding feature like SignWriter DOS has been asked for over and over and over ...  And we still don't have it.  Back in 2010 Val suggested that I implement it in SignWriter Studio.  At that time I was unable as I was getting the program up and running.  So know I want to implement the keyboarding feature but I am thinking that it would be most useful for all of you if I did it for the web then ported it back to run in SignWriter Studio at a latter date.

My idea is this create a Kickstarter project to raise the funds to make the program. It will be web page (SPA single page application) that can easily be included into other web sites.  It will be open source so that other programmers can modify it and add more features if they like.  Once I get it made then I want to incorporate it into Personal Puddle so that it will be very easy for Steve Slevinsky to add to SignPuddle online. (I am hoping he will be open to the idea).  Think of it as an alternative to the SignText Editor in SignPuddle.

These are the features I am thinking of implementing.
•Keyboard selection resembling as much as possible SignWriter Dos but adjusted to ISWA2010
•Seeing the full keyboard at all times something like this
•<Mail Attachment.png>
•Symbol selection keyboard. (Sign Mode)
•Fingerspelling keyboard. (Fingerspelling Mode)
•Setup and customize fingerspelling layout.
•Setup and customize keyboard in use layout. (not everybody types with a USA keyboard)
These are the features that we need to discuss
•Typing text into the sign (Alphabet Mode) See below
•Horizontal Sign writting (How many of you feel that it wouldn't be worth it without this?)
These are the features that are not going to be part of this version of the project
•Write when disconneted from the Internet
•Use of mouse to click on keyboard or move symbols around.
•Use of special fonts
For this to work I will need you help with letting a lot of people about our Kickstart project that that they may donate if they wish.  If you want make some YouTube videos or other SignWriting related letters or information that you think could help people see the importance of supporting this project then please send them to me and I will add them to our Kickstarter project page. 
For those of you who are wondering how Kickstarter works from the site itself https://www.kickstarter.com/help/faq/kickstarter+basics#faq_62996
A project is a finite work with a clear goal that you’d like to bring to life. Think albums, books, or films.
The funding goal is the amount of money that a creator needs to complete their project.
Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for a pledge towards a project unless it reaches its funding goal. This way, creators always have the budget they scoped out before moving forward.
A creator is the person or team behind the project idea; working to bring it to life.
Backers are folks who pledge money to join creators in bringing projects to life.
Rewards are a creator's chance to share a piece of their project with their backer community. Typically, these are one-of-a-kind experiences, limited editions, or copies of the creative work being produced.
We also have to think of what kind of rewards people in the Deaf community, people who use SignWriting and people unaquainted with sign language would appreciate most.

My take on
Typing text into the sign (Alphabet Mode)
I know this is one of the VERY big reasons people want the Keyboarding.  I could implement it but I don't believe that SignPuddle has a way of representing text on top of the SignWriting.  So you wouldn't really be able to use it until someone writes a SignWriting web site that supports text with the SignWriting.
How important is it that text can be placed anywhere as opposed to let say only below?  How do we keep it from becoming messy switching between vertical and horizontal layout?
Look forward to all of your questions and comments.
Jonathan Duncan