Tonight we'll take a bus and travel to Ipiaú/ Bahia, city of Maria Luiza
Campos, Jorgina Cássia Tannus, Tatiana Gavião and Ana Cláudia.
Students of the "Escrita de Sinais 2.0" my online course of SignWriting.
The first three you know, because we did two presentations on
SW Symposium talking about their wonderful work on CAPI (Teaching Support
Center in Ipiaú) teaching the SW for deaf students since 2012.

We really hope to contribute with the researches and work of their work and
all the team.

Will be 3 days of Workshops (about 20 hours) for deaf and hearing people in
two classes, totaling 55 students (wow!!).
Raquel Barreto will lecture on 4th day with the title "Escrita de Sinais
sem mistérios" (sounds like 'SignWriting clearly").
(We thank them for this beautiful tribute. This is the name of our book :)

Full expectation!!

Ah, we like the shirt too. We'll take some pictures for show you.

Best regards,

*Madson and Raquel Barreto *



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