Hi all.

Several days ago I reworked the handshape-selecting bit of the SignWriting
Keyboard script, with the aim of making it somewhat quicker and easier to
find the desired handshape. Typing is still quite a bit slower than I'd
like it to be, so I'm also experimenting with a bunch of different options
to try to speed things up, using the shift keys. One can duplicate symbols
by pressing Shift+NextSymbol, and switch hands by pressing Shift+MiddleLane
buttons. (I might move those around, as they're not the easiest keys to
reach, I think.) Holding shift can also be used to move and rotate symbols
faster. Any suggestions for additional ways to allow for quicker typing
speeds would be much appreciated.

I'm still working on making it possible to use the script to type
SignWriting into any text boxes on the internet. This is turning out to be
more difficult than expected, especially since having the option to mix
plain text and SignWriting is a necessity is many areas.

The keyboard currently has all of the text portions available only in
English, which is rather unfortunate. If anyone wants to remedy this by
translating some of the relevant messages into a sign language, that would
be quite helpful:
* "Left lane"
* "Middle lane"
* "Right lane"
* "Next symbol" (or perhaps just "Next", if it won't fit otherwise)
* "Delete lefthand symbol" and "Delete righthand symbol" (or perhaps just
"Delete symbol" or just "Delete")
* "Duplicate symbol" (or "Duplicate")
* "Fingerspelling mode" (or "Fingerspelling")
* "Autocomplete"
* Something like "Swap sides", indicating that the left and right hands are
switched. (I don't even know what to label that in English yet...)
* "Toggle plaintext"
These need to fit into the keys, so space is limited.

Additionally, if anyone knows where I could find fingerspelling layouts in
FSW for sign languages other than ASL, that would be useful.

Link to the SignWriting Keyboard script:

--Yair Rand



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