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February 22, 2015

The document is in Portuguese ;-)

I think Lauro may have been influenced by some photos I placed on the web once, showing a dancer and then drawing a stick figure on top of the photos - of course DanceWriting is a bit more formal than just that, but in recent years I have been wondering if maybe all the detail we placed in DanceWriting wasn’t so necessary after all - I think the basic stick figure is wonderful and really works for everyone, and there is nothing new about that - stick figures are as old as the cave drawings and natural to our thinking -

So you know, the Position Symbols that are underneath the old DanceWriting documents that are so detailed…I am not so sure they are always needed - years ago I was under pressure because we were being compared to other dance notation systems - and one of the arguments was that DanceWriting was “too visual” and not detailed enough - so I added details with abstract symbols under the stick figure - nothing wrong with that either, and the Position Symbols do work and give added information on depth and certainly can still be used, but I notice that new people learning DanceWriting ignore a lot of the details and still find value in the basic visual nature of the system…

Right now it seems that our books are being purchased on most of the time, and the best seller for DanceWriting is our old “Collection of Classical Ballet Variations” that does have the formal details as well as the stick figure:

in Amazon

but it also can be downloaded for free on the DanceWriting site:

but back to SignWriting...

Val ;-)


On Feb 21, 2015, at 2:07 PM, Pel Tini <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hello Valerie and Lauro,
Very interesting and enjoyed reading it. I was able to see which way you are facing, although I got confused a bIt relating the photos with the drawings.
Would be fun to get together, although I can not understand or write Spanish. Is it Spanish?
Thanks Valerie for posting this  on the list.
Hope all is well with you.

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On Feb 21, 2015, at 1:24 PM, Valerie Sutton <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

SignWriting List
February 21, 2015

Madson Barreto told me about a paper written on DanceWriting in Brazil -

Thank you very much to Madson for telling me about this paper …

And thank you to the author, Lauro Leudo dos Santos Batista, for writing it in 2009...

If you scroll down in the document, you can see it is writing belly dancing, with stick figures -

Lots of fun!

Val ;-)



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