Hi Val,

The process to create a new fingerspelling option is a two step 
process.  Step 1) create a list of letters and the associated FSW 
strings.  Step 2) properly center the FSW strings so that the 
constructed fingerspellings will properly align.

Step 1 needs to be done by someone who knows the target language. 
Primarily, they need to create the entries in SignPuddle for all of the 
fingerspelling letters.  After that, they can point me to the correct 
puddle/entries, or they can help me and compile the list for me like the 
examples below.

The FingerSpelling feature of SignPuddle uses a simple text file per 
set.  Here are the first 3 lines for ASL:

The Germain Sign Language is interesting because it has letter 
combinations for SS and SCH:

Step 2 is more involved and usually takes me an hour or two.  Each FSW 
string needs to be re-centered so that the center of the palm is the 
center of the sign.  I created a simple page that helps me re-center the 

For each letter, paste in the FSW string and adjust the horizontal and 
vertical offsets accordingly.  Once the sign is properly re-centered, 
copy the new FSW string and paste it into a text file.

After the text file has been created with all of the re-centered signs, 
I can install it on SignPuddle online and it will be available in the 
FingerSpelling feature.

Here are the current FingerSpelling files available.




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