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March 27, 2015

This is so exciting, Stefan!

Congratulations and we will use DELEGS and it deserves users…

I need to figure out how to start the program quickly - without much spoken language.

Is there a visual user-interface that does not require the knowledge of any spoken language, that could help me get to the program and let me start using it?

If I go to:

and I click on the button:


I see instruction but not the actual program I can use myself.

Sooo….I click on Delegs International instead, and I get English, but that is not the button to simply start using the program…

Where is the button to use the program?

It should be right there on the front page - and very large and visual and pretty and appealing to the eye in some way -

I know it is hard because we are still struggling to make software user-friendly, but it is necessary - and you and Andre helped me the other day to realize I had not organized our flags properly at the bottom of SignPuddle pages - we are continually learning what works for users - and feedback is always necessary.

So I envision one clear button - Use DELEGS EDITOR - and then a bunch of flags for the choice of languages - and then start typing -

It is an outstanding program and deserves to be used by the world!

Thank you for this gift - 

Val ;-)


On Mar 27, 2015, at 5:07 AM, Stefan Woehrmann <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hi André amd SW-list members, 
The next easy to understand step would be to practice reading SignWriting with 
Basic arithmetic operations
Three plus four is seven
Nine minus three is six
three times two is six
eight divided by four two
I attached an example with different numbers. I bet it can be read without any problem ..because all of you know already so much about the math problem ;-) 
The delegs Editor allows you to copy and paste words ..all you have to do as the teacher is to take care of the adequate option  how to sign this mathproblem within your class ... 
Did you ever work with the delegs – Editor before? 
Students can easily be motivated to write their first SW – document on their own translate them into Spoken Language to exchange their documents within the classroom. 
Next message more to come



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