Thanks Valerie and Jonathan, I'm so happy for yours answers and I'm very excited to talk with you! Valerie, I wait your feedbacks, thank you for your words. Jonathan, thank you for the patience and I'm so sorry for wasting your time. Yes, I know, a prototype not fully working isn't the best way to test an application. But let me know, why do you want tap on other buttons? Is it for testing other application features or is it because you want writing “house” in other way? It's very important for me understand if my reasonings are correct or not. About your notes, I think the circle is the best way to quickly choose the directional glyphs. Can you let me some examples of symbols for those the circle isn't intuitive? I've introduced other shapes for other swipe selections: for example you can choose in the base configuration (I hope the terminology is correct) the hand and the palm facings, however I must study better this menu because in my opinion isn't very intuitive, but at the same time, I don't want introduce too much shapes and feature. I'm not sure to have understand what you tell me at the end. What do you mean with “rotations 9 through 16”? When the hands have all configurations there are twelve buttons in the keyboard: six for the right and six for the left, that in the prototype is a special case, but the directions are always 8, not? Sorry, my english isn't perfect, I might get wrong. Best regards to all, Adelaide ________________________________________________


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