Hello Maureen,


thank you for your message and interest in my work /invention – smile


I do not have a facebook account bit I think it is a good idea to share this kind of information via our SW-list forum.


I am not quite sure what you want me to offer...


Yes your are right --- the combination of lipreading patterns and description of what the hands are doing while signing is a very helpful information to read written Singlanguage (=SignWriting) at high speed without too much guessing if the signer moves his mouth while doing his performance. This happens in German SignLanguage all the time.


My students and me ... we are not in the postion to master BSL ... nevertheless we are asked to pronounce and lipread written English words as best as we can...


For this reason we work every day with Mundbildschrift. (see attached ABC and number  worksheet)


So my students are on their way to understand the difference in lip-movement if they see the writing of German or English words on the blackboard      “bus”   or   “Bus”    or “I” and “i” and “hand”  or “Hand” ...


It is a great pleasure to see that they improve to understand the difficulty of lipreading because of the not given 1 to 1 relationship between a “mouthsymbol” and the variety of possible speachsound.


(N, D, T )   ... (G, K , R, ) ...


Feel free to ask for more or other documents if I got it wrong.


The mouthsymbols that go along with signing (Woehrmann`s Speechwriting  “Mundbilder in der Gebaerdenschrift”) are quite different. This is alway a source of misunderstanding and irritation. I am sorry for that ...;-)




All best







Your message:



Hello Stefan

 Ive  printed out  some  of the  Lip Pattern symbols  for my class.
 Are you able to Add the Letters  of the alphabet above or  below  the symbol...
 and   send by email  for printing out and also  add to my face book pages  so that
 I can share  with other  Hard of hearing and  Deaf  clubs/ groups  on facebook..

I  watched  your  presentation of lip symbols  from the Symposium

I would like to share  the symbol alphabet with  the Lip reading  group that is
based here in Southport. England..

I think  it would be very beneficial for their  learners..

How amazing  that  you created  these  to match up with Signwriting

Just amazing..
....(..) ...


kind regards..





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