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March 17, 2015

Dear SW List Members!

There are some signs that are used in many sign languages, and can be read by most signers…

For example, let’s discuss the sign for WRITE or WRITING.

I believe that many sign languages use these signs. Do you agree? There may be a difference in handshape, but they still would be understood by foreign signers reading the signs because the sign is so universal…

They all look like someone holding a pen or pencil, and making the motion of writing across a palm of the hand, or down in columns or down a blackboard, or with a flourish, and it would be hard to say what sign language the sign comes from…There are probably many more variations upon the same theme...

Can we call these “international signs”?  I would like your feedback -

They could be placed in our “International Signs Puddle”…

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton SignWriting List moderator [log in to unmask]

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