Hi Valerie and SW-list members, especially teachers of deaf students... 


You would not believe what is going on here. We are so excited. We feel so
happy. There is so much joy and respect and learning going on in my


Lumturi – a fourteen year old deaf student – has become the Editor of the
brand new Albanian SignPuddle. 


Thank you so much Valerie for this precious gift! 


I am so excited to be allowed to experience this special deaf pride in her
cultural heritage. Luturi came from Albania into my class about two years
ago. She is able to communicate perfectly in German and Albanian
Signlanguage. Thanks to the intense practice of combining GebaerdenSchrift
with Spoken German she is wonderfully on her way to improve Spoken Language
skills German and English.  We ask the Googel Translator quite often to
overcome some problems and to translate from one language into the other. 


Now that Lumturi is on her way to create her first entries the whole group
of students is accompanying this process with respect and joy and all of us
take advantage out of that. 


You should know that there are 8 students in my class with severe different
migration background. 


We started a new project that is so much fun. We write several very short
phrase is 8 different languages which focuses on the several languages of
the families where my students come from. Starting with a first shot of the
Google-Translator I asked the parents to check the translation and to
correct the mistakes. 

All of us feel so astonished that it is so much fun to watch these kids
laughing and expressing their happyness about this experience. 


We write the sentences in: Arabic, Albanian, Turkish, Romanian, Russian,
English, German, German Signlanguage (DGS), Albanian Signlanguage, Signed
German, German, 

With the support of my “Speechwriting” we understand the relationship
between a given oral language and the corresponding mouth-movements and all
the problems with lipreading so much better.  This is very important to me!


Well Lumturi would love and is so eager to get in contact with you Valerie,
and she would love to have a skype – contact with Adam Frost as well and she
asked me to mention this. 


Well today we made a big step forward and if you follow the link to the
Albanian SignPuddle you will see, that we added the first signs that already
allowed to write the first Email ever written in Albanian Signlanguage.
Uhuhuh – imagine – this is an historical event and who knows ... hopefully
Lumturi will spread her pride and her feelings of happyness about being able
to express her ideas in the best way she can think of her beloved
strong communication language which is Albanian Signlanguage. 



Since Signmail is still a problem we found this nice workaround and Lumturi
asked a friend to take pictures with her mobile of the screen and pictures
while she is working with me at the Albanian  SignPuddle ... 


One interesting aspect is that it is now so easy for me to catch up some
Albanian signs and here and there we are kidding signing in Albanian
Signlanguage and other people around would not understand anything .... just
for fun. 


Well just accept this short report as our big  THANK YOU to you Valerie for
all what you have done to improve the world for deaf students ... especially
for our class. 


We feel very, very gratefull to you. 


Attached you find two pictures ... the SignWriting Dokument as a picture
from the screen of the monitor  and a picture Lumturi and me working at the
teacher`s computer while I introduce her to working to copy
and rewrite SignPuddle –entries. 



All best 


Stefan and Lumturi 












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Betreff: New Albanian SignPuddle


SignWriting List

March 9, 2015


Dear SignWriting List!


I am happy to announce that we now have a SignPuddle Dictionary file for


Albanian SignPuddle
<> &sgn=82


It has the Albanian Code: AL and this is the flag:




Stefan Woehrmann, a teacher at the Osnabruck School for the Deaf in Germany,
has a Deaf student from Albania, and she is skilled at writing signs in
SignPuddle. They have been using the German SignPuddle to write and save
some of the Albanian signs because there was no Albanian file…


Well now there is!


Enjoy Stefan and Lumturi ;-)


I hope you will share some of your writings with the SignWriting List...


Val ;-)



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