Hello André ;-), 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... and good luck with all your ongoing projects. It is so
much fun to see your enthusiasm about SignWriting ... well and believe me –
I can understand what is on your mind ... big smile 


As  a little birthday present I would love to share the Volleyball –
animation. As you can see it is an interesting combination of expressive and
receptive writing within one document.  


Many years ago my three sons and me myself loved to play around with all the
symbols of the good old SignWriter DOS programm and designed many, many
pictogramms. While doing so we got so familiar with this process of looking
for symbols and arranging them in the sign-window that we really achieved a
high level of competence working with the SignWriter DOS programm. 


With this knowledge it became easy to create more and more entries as the


Hope you have had a nice day. 


All best 





Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
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