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I would like to ask whether there's anyway that I could either convert FSW to SWML or how I could implement FSW into my program. Any readings on FSW would be highly appreciated as I can't find anything apart from the SignPuddle wiki page, from which I still can't figure out exactly how I can get the symbols from FSW.

Hi Claude Mifsud,

What version of SWML are you using?  I'll assume SWML-S and supply what information I can.

You are probably using the Symbol IDs to identify symbols.  So the first symbol is identified as 01-01-001-01-01-01.

Formal SignWriting uses Symbol Keys to identify symbols.  The first symbol is identified as S10000.

The ISWA 2010 HTML Reference lists both Symbol ID and Symbol Key for each symbol.

For an exhaustive list of IDs to Keys, you can use the following file.  It is a full list that includes all 37,811 individual symbols.

For a minimalist list of base IDs to base Keys, you can use the following file.  It only includes the 652 bases and requires that you program the 6 fills and 16 rotations manually.

To find a symbol key you can use the following regular expression /S[1-3][0-9a-f]{2}[0-5][0-9a-f]/.  In English, a symbol key starts with the capital letter 'S' and is followed by 5 additional digits (0 thru 9) or hexadecimal values ('a' thru 'f').

The web page that you listed is valid for describing FSW.  The current reference is titled "draft-slevinski-signwriting-text".  You can find it online.  Section 2 describes FSW in detail.

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Any examples of programs which make use of FSW would help as well.

For programs that use FSW, there is an older PHP application titled the "SignWriting Icon Server".  It is a legacy implementation that contains a lot of conversion code.  This is the engine that runs SignPuddle Online.  You can find the source on GitHub.

A more modern and streamlined implementation is available in the SignWriting 2010 JavaScript Library.  It exclusively uses symbol keys and FSW.

Hope that helps.  Let me know if you need more information.



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