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April 18, 2015

Dear SW List -
I am starting to get excited. SignMaker 2015 is close to being ready for use. This weekend while Steve is honing the software development, I am creating a new “directory page" so we can click on a flag to find our specific dictionary in SignMaker, which will give us our spoken language, our sign language dictionary from our country, and also something new - we can choose the “alphabet just for one sign language” - it is really based on which symbols people chose to write with, from the ISWA 2010, when they are writing dictionaries in SignPuddle Online - so only those symbols needed, and not other symbols in the ISWA 2010 you don’t need, will be available - it is really fun and we will see how it goes - You can also choose to have the full ISWA 2010 if you want as well -

When it is all done, you will be able to mix and match spoken languages with sign language dictionaries and so forth, in the “More” tab.

Below are a few of the links to some of the dictionaries…

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

Val ;-)



American Sign Language

ASL Bible Dictionary

Brazilian Sign Language

British Sign Language

French Sign Language

French-Belgian Sign Language

French-Canadian (Quebec) Sign Language

French-Swiss Sign Language

German Sign Language

German-Swiss Sign Language

Norwegian Sign Language

Saudi Arabian Sign Language

so many more coming - smile -


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