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April 5, 2015

YES PLEASE! We would LOVE to have a translation into Portuguese…so please do the translation. Thank you for offering, Roberto and Madson and others ;-)

How about German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Greek and Arabic? ;-)

To name a few ;-)

Val ;-)


On Apr 5, 2015, at 3:48 PM, ROBERTO C R Costa <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Madson Barreto and other Brazilian Sign Language researchers,

What about trying to translate these terms into Portuguese?

Shall we do it?

Roberto C. R. Costa

Professor Assistente
Departamento de Letras Vernáculas - DLV
Instituto de Letras / Universidade Federal da Bahia - UFBA

2015-04-03 12:46 GMT-03:00 Valerie Sutton <[log in to unmask]>:
SignWriting List
April 3, 2015

Dear SignWriting List:
We are close to announcing the new SignMaker 2015 for iPad, iPhone and computer desktops. It will be announced hopefully by the end of next week.

But we need your help …

We want to have the user interface available in as many spoken languages and sign languages as possible…

Today, I am writing to ask for the spoken language translations of the terms listed below. We would love to include as many spoken languages as possible.

Can you send us, here on the SignWriting List, the translation of these terms in your spoken language?

Many thanks for your help… all languages are welcome ...


language: 'English',
    signtext: 'SignText',
    signmaker: 'SignMaker',
    copy: 'Copy',
    mirror: 'Mirror',
    center: 'Center',
    delete: 'Delete',
    rotateCCW: 'Rotate -',
    rotateCW: 'Rotate +',
    selectPrev: 'Select Prev',
    selectNext: 'Select Next',
    undo: 'Undo',
    redo: 'Redo',
    fillPrev: 'Fill -',
    fillNext: 'Fill +',
    variationPrev: 'Variation -',
    variationNext: 'Variation +',
    placeOver: 'Place Over',
    clearAll: 'Clear All',
    clearEntry: 'Clear Entry',
    updateEntry: 'Update Entry',
    saveNewEntry: 'Save New Entry',
    deleteEntry: 'Delete Entry',
    signLanguage: 'Sign Language',
    spokenLanguage: 'Spoken Language',
    sameSymbols: 'Same Symbols',
    sameSymbolsLocation: 'Same Symbols Location',
    sameSymbolsSorted: 'Same Symbols Sorted',
    baseSymbols: 'Base Symbols',
    baseSymbolsLocation: 'Base Symbols Location',
    baseSymbolsSorted: 'Base Symbols Sorted',
    pngImage: 'PNG Image',
    svgImage: 'SVG Image',
    preferences: 'Preferences',
    system: 'System',
    size: 'Size',
    line: 'Line',
    fill: 'Fill',
    download: 'Download',
    grid0: 'Grid 0',
    grid1: 'Grid 1',
    grid2: 'Grid 2',
    blackOnWhite: 'Black on White',
    whiteOnBlack: 'White on Black',
    colorful: 'Colorful',
    reloadDictionary: 'Reload Dictionary',
    emptyDictionary: 'Empty Dictionary',
    restoreDictionary: 'Restore Dictionary',
    exportDictionary: 'Export Dictionary',
    editTab: 'Edit',
    dictionaryTab: 'Dictionary',
    searchTab: 'Search',
    moreTab: 'More',
    top: 'Top',
    previous: 'Previous',



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