The SignWriting Keyboard now works on ordinary textboxes when used in Chrome. I hope to have it working for other browsers soon.

To test it, create a bookmark with the following content and then click on it while on the webpage you wish to type SignWriting in:
javascript:(function(){var d=document,h=d.getElementsByTagName("head")[0],c=h.appendChild(d.createElement("link")),j=h.appendChild(d.createElement("script")),u="";c.type="text/css";c.rel="stylesheet";c.href=u+"SWKB.css";j.src=u+"SWKB.min.js"})();

This will turn all simple text boxes on the page into SignWriting editing fields. It might not work on sites that have too restrictive Content Security Policies, or sites that don't take JS selection interference nicely, but it seems to work on the Wikimedia Incubator. Editing in this context works much like normal typing, with the normal uses of the arrow keys, backspace/delete keys, and enter key. Please tell me if you see any bugs.

--Yair Rand



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