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June 19, 2015

Thank you, Steve, for informing us with these links and explanations…It is a good summary of the new developments surrounding the new Unicode version 8, which includes the SignWriting script.

As Steve mentions below, there is still much development in the future, but the SignWriting TrueType Fonts are a good step forward to making SignWriting in Unicode useful -

Thank you to everyone who worked on the issues of SignWriting in Unicode -

Val ;-)


> On Jun 19, 2015, at 3:11 PM, Stephen E Slevinski Jr <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hi SignWriting List,

I shared this information with Valerie this morning and she asked that I share it with the list.

Unicode 8 is soon to be released, and I noticed that some editors on Wikipedia are starting to update the appropriate pages and create new one.

On the main SignWriting article, the Unicode section has been updated.
* <>

"SignWriting is the first writing system for sign languages to be included in the Unicode Standard <>. 672 characters were added in the Sutton SignWriting <> block in Unicode version 8.0 released in June 2015. This set of characters is based on SignWriting's standardized symbol set[8] <> and defined character encoding model.[9] <>[5] <>"

There is a new page about the Sutton SignWriting Unicode block of code points.  
* <>

I added an info box to the page above.

I also added a SignWriting Section to the Help section on the Multilingual Support page.
* <>

If you have the TrueType fonts installed on your system, the above table will look like this:

There are other scattered updates throughout the English Wikipedia.  More updates are needed.  It is a marvelous work in progress.  



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