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June 10, 2015

Steve Slevinski will be presenting in Session 3, July 21st and Session 3, July 23rd.

Which leaves the last session, Session 3 July 24th, for someone who still wants to present? 

It is not too late to send in your Title and Abstract ;-)

Thanks to all eleven presenters - It will be an amazing event -

Here is the schedule:

SignWriting Symposium 2015
Broadcasting 3 presentations a day, for 4 days.

Day 1: July 21
Session 1: Yair Rand, Canada
Session 2: Dr. Mohamed AbuShaira & Team, Saudi Arabia
Session 3: Stephen Slevinski, Iowa, USA

Day 2: July 22
Session 1: Stefan Woehrmann, Germany
Session 2: André Lemyre, Quebec, Canada
Session 3: Marcos Kluber, Brazil

Day 3: July 23
Session 1: Rafaela Cota de Silva, Portugual
Session 2: Ronnie Fagundes de Brito & Team, Brazil
Session 3: Stephen Slevinski, Iowa, USA

Day 4: July 24
Session 1: James Shepard-Kegl, USA & Nicaragua
Session 2: Paul Rutrecht, Joachim Nitschke, Janina Lentfohr, Germany
Session 3:

Val ;-)


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