It is good we are passionate creatures Adam -- that's what keeps our projects alive. ;) 

Honestly, that isn’t true at all. The signing community did not even believe that sign languages were true languages until long after someone in academia suggested that sign languages were true languages. If you read old publications like “Deaf Life” which were written for the US Deaf community by the US Deaf community, there are countless times of mention that “signs” are “without grammar” or “bad English”.

Actually that is the byproduct of oralism post Milan 1880. The generation from before 1910 thought differently. I may be wrong on this as you assert so I will check with my husband as he's done extensive research on that time period. You are right that the average Deaf Joe has internalized the misconception that ASL isn't equal to English.

 Really, the Symposium is a why of letting others know what are the various projects that everyone is doing...

Awesome, I love the full picture of the Symposium that you gave. It helps align my expectations to the right place. Thank you!


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