I remember a Deaf family in Brazil that when they learned SignWriting went to their Portuguese teacher and said, "your alphabet has 26 letters, ours has 96 and they move." 

Teaching SignWriting with dominos or other games is certainly a way of teaching that is interactive. 
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 Sent: Monday, August 10, 2015 6:57 PM
 Subject: Conducting Academic Research: Gamification for Signed Languages
Hi everyone, 
My name is Catalina De la Rocha. I'm currently studying the last semester of the Inclusive Design Masters Program at OCAD University in Toronto ON, Canada. 

For my Major Research Project, I'm looking into ways to empower Deaf children to learn and teach Sign Language at home with their bilingual families. I'm convinced that the best way to bridge Spoken and Signed Languages is through visual elements and icons because they play a role of a universal language. 
This study began three years ago in my hometown Aguascalientes, Mexico, when I became aware of the lack of material and support that the Deaf community has to learn Mexican Sign Language. The purpose of the research is to design a game tof bring families and groups together for a convivial learning experience in Sign Language. 
This is an academic research but I would love to make a real product that could benefit the Mexican Deaf Community and I would like to learn more about incorporating SignWriting to this interactive game.  

I would love to learn more about SignWriting and to share some of my ideas with you,  specially if anyone has experience with Sign Language Family Programs and/or teaching methods in developing countries. 

Kind regards, 

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